Data Center Decomissioning

National Development

Medford, Massachusetts

Iron Flag Power Systems provided a complete, turn-key decommissioning and removal of the data center located in Medford, MA. Iron Flag purchased deinstalled, provided complete disconnects, and transported the following equipment off-site.

The Details

  • Generators – Disconnected, de-installed and removed (2) CAT 500kw Diesel generators.
  • (2) CAT 500kw Diesel generators
    • Model #C-15 Gen Serial # G6B17250 / G6B17249
    • Hours – ~100
  • Associated ATS’s
  • Remove electrical feeds and distribution associated with generators.

2. UPS – (3) Eaton / Powerware UPS’s

  • Powerware UPS S/N: Model #300 Serial #ER4422XX03
  • Eaton UPS-9395: Model: 9396276, S/N: EE064BAA03
  • Eaton UPS-9395: Model: 9396276, S/N: EE064BAA04
  • Batteries were removed

3. CRAC Units – (2) Liebert Chilled Water CRAC units

  • Emerson Liebert Mode: CW084UCV247225, S/N: C11A140108
  • Emerson Liebert Model: CW084UCV247225, S/N: C11A140107

4. AC, Coolers, & Condensers – (2) Cooling Towers, (3) Chillers, (1) Air Compressor

  • Marly Cooling Towers AV Series S/N: 814065 AV610215 -06
  • Marly Cooling Towers AV Series S/N: 814065 AV610215-06
  • ABB Controllers (#1) Serial # 2064200369 (#2) Serial #2064200368
  • Smardt Chiller Model # SWC090-1C 90 ton Year 2010, S/N: FF0010B303Q0049
  • Smardt Chiller Model # SWC090-1C 90 ton Year 2010, S/N: FF0010B303Q0049
  • Dunham Bush Chiller Model # 7CDR075B, S/N:
  • Hankinson Air Compressor Mode: HPR5-10 250PSIG

5. Electrical Data – All electrical data center distribution associated with the generators, UPS’s, CRAC units, ATS, transformers, and other data center equipment were removed, as were distribution switchgear, sub-panels, panel boards, motor control cabinets, Automatic Transfer Switches, MBP, transformers and other electrical switchgear and equipment.

6. Electrical Feeds – All electrical feeds: AC wire associated with all electrical distribution (switchgear), Generators, ATS’s, UPS’s, AC’s, Transformers and data center equipment was removed.

Asset Disconnect & Removal Scope of work – Iron Flag Power Systems completed the following scope of work:

  • Electrically & mechanically disconnected, de-installed and removed the assets listed in the table above.
  • General building electrical and cooling service were protected from damage and left in working order
  • IFPS used the client’s electrician to provide electrical shut-down, de-energize, safe off panels and switchgear associated with equipment that was removed. IFPS pulled all electrical feeds/wire and took possession for recycling.
  • Removed gen-sets and ancillary equipment and systems, including evacuation of diesel fuel
  • Removed CRACs and evacuated refrigerants
  • Removed all lead acid batteries
  • Ensured the proper disposition of materials to include documented compliance with all state, federal, and local environmental laws and regulations
  • Ensured the safe removal, transport, and handling of materials to licensed recycling operations
  • Broom cleaned the entire facility

IFPS provided insurance, and was responsible for collecting the insurance of all sub-contractors. HVAC water piping and electrical conduit was removed where deemed easily accessible by IFPS (above drop ceiling remaining in place, in between walls and floor, and/or obstructed by sprinkler lines or ducting will remain in place).

FPS removed, packaged, transported and disposed of hazardous material according to local state and federal requirements. IFPS provided trash disposal, equipment for removal, and trucks for freight. Electrical feeders, and copper piping associated with the data center were removed and recycled. Equipment was purchased in “as is” condition with no warranty expressed or implied.

Client ensured all equipment/material was free from any liens and/or encumbrances. IFPS was not responsible for any electrical or mechanical retrofit or reinstallation of any equipment to the current facility. Work was performed during normal business hours.

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