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Eric Schaevitz, CEO / Owner    (267) 402-8560

Personality: Driven, easy to talk to, freakishly good at remembering numbers.

Eric worked as a residential carpenter for nearly a decade, and eventually landed the opportunity to work alongside a friend decommissioning data centers. After his first demolition, it was clear that this was the industry for him.  His unusual enthusiasm and work ethic propelled him forward as he dove in head-first to this industry.  In 2012 he launched his own business, Iron Flag Power Systems, and has since positioned himself at the top of the industry.  As a father of three, Eric enjoys the opportunity to find solace in the middle of a decommissioning project - a way quieter atmosphere than being at home.


Nick Brooks, Partner/Vice President     

Personality: Reliable, detail-oriented, indomitable, taciturn.

Nick is both Eric's business partner and project superintendent at Iron Flag.  He is very detail-oriented and an incredibly reliable backbone of any decommissioning project.  Nick specializes in organizing and running major operations, coordinating project logistics, and being sure that every site has the resources it needs to be a booming success.

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Joshua Alexander, Chief Operating Officer    (610) 504-9323

Personality: Persistent, clever, audacious.

Joshua specializes in technology and corporate development for Iron Flag.  In his past life, he was a Scrum and Agile project manager, a business consultant, IT Lead, and owner of several startups, to name just a few.  He is very skilled in managing projects and pushing them through from start to completion.


Anthony Bastian, Project Superintendent  (208) 805-2505

Personality: Hard working, light hearted, bad at karaoke.

Anthony is Iron Flag's project superintendant.  A hard worker by day, he supervises subcontractors, mitigates problems, and ensures the job is carried out smoothly and efficiently.  It is not uncommon for Anthony to fly out to decommission a generator by himself.  


Michael Thomas, Account Executive  (260) 602-8240

Having worked as an operations manager for years in this industry, Michael has a strong foundation in asset recovery and selective demolition.  He specializes in logistics, mobilization, customer relations, and purchasing.  Michael, born in Fort Wayne, Indiana, is enjoying recently being a father.


Eric Hoover, Business Development    302 668-9202

Personality: Introspective, innovative, academic

Born and raised in Delaware, Eric brings 6+ years of business development to Iron Flag.  As the second "Eric" of the team, he is commonly referred to as "Hoover" to avoid confusion.  Hoover's expertise includes grant writing, branding, marketing, and development of internal systems.  His directive is to continually improve Iron Flag's business model, operations, and branding to ensure that it stays at the top of the industry. 

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Frank Duarte, Director of Sales

A California native, Frank received his bachelor’s degree in economics from UNLV and started his career working in finance.  Frank refocused and joined the ranks of Iron Flag Power Systems and now serves as the Director of Sales, and second best-looking member of the team.

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