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Sell Your Used Generator

Look no further: this is where to sell a large used commercial or industrial generator.  Iron Flag makes it easy for you from appraisal to purchase to pickup. 

  1. Start a conversation, and we'll quickly send you a quote.
  2. If you accept our offer, we'll arrange all of the services you might need, including electrically disconnecting the generator, removing the fuel for transport, rigging and lifting it onto a truck, and hauling it away.
  3. We'll write you a check before we get the pickup process started.

What Generators Does Iron Flag Accept?
The generators we buy are large and typically used for businesses, ranging from 50 kw to 2.5 mw.  Commonly referred to as commercial or industrial generators, we accept both tier and non-tier rated machines.  We accept diesel, natural gas, propane and other fuel types, as well as all major generator brands and more.

How Do I Move My Generator?
We take care of the rigging, loading, and shipping for you.  It doesn't matter if your generator is on the roof, in the basement, or buried underground, we have the logistics headache covered to move your large commercial or industrial generator.


How's it work?

1. Discuss

Open a conversation gateway with us, whether through phone, email, or form.

2. Get Paid

You walk away with a check thinking "well that was easy".

3. Pickup & Logistics

We prep, lift, & load your generator onto Iron Flag provided truck.

Get Started In One Of The Following Ways:

The 30-Second Appraisal

If you have 30 seconds to spare then this is the method for you.  Get the conversation started and move on to more important things.

EZ Photo App

Bypass all the back-and-forths. Use this nifty little app to snap a few pictures and receive an official offer within 48 hours.

Phone or Email

Like doing things the old school way?  We respect that.  Drop us a line or send us an email and we'll be happy to get back to you as soon as possible.


Great! That saves everyone time and money. We'll pass the savings onto you.
We serve the entire US and sometimes more. Other areas we serve include Europe and Canada.
No problem! Our all-inclusive service will take care of the frustrating details for you.
The generators we purchase are usually used for business and considered commercial or industrial generators. We typically don't buy generators smaller than 30kw (30,000 Watts) but sometimes make acceptions for quality or quantity . We'll buy a machine as large as several Megawatts.
Not necessarily, although a working generator is much more valuable. It really depends on the specifics of why the generator isn't working.

find out how much your generator is worth

Get Started In 30 Seconds or Less

Iron Flag Appraisal Tools

The 30-Second Generator Appraisal

The easiest form in the industry. Open the conversation about your generator in just a few clicks.

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The 40-Second Asset Appraisal

The other easiest form in the industry. Open the conversation about your assets in just a few clicks.

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Instant Estimator

Instantly discover the value of your generator.

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EZ Photo App

Bypass all the back-and-forths. Use this nifty little app to snap a few pictures and receive an official quote.

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