Introducing: Iron Flag's Toolbelt

Iron Flag has created a chest full of tools to make your life easier and ensure you have the information you need.  The collection of tools has been organized into an easy to reach Tool Belt with four categories:

  • Use the Appraisals tools to get a quick and easy valuation of your assets, whether its a generator or assets in a facility. 
  • The Calculations tool pack helps make math simple by converting common metrics such as kw and hp.  It has tools to answer questions like "how big of a generator do I need?". 
  • Brand-Specific Guides will help you find information and specs on your generator.  It can guide you to locating and understanding generator tags, and will offer tricks of the trade for specific brands.
  • The Resources section of the Tool Belt is the home base for any additional resources you might need including a library all of our informational publications, articles, and supporting services. 

The Iron Flag Tool Belt


These tools will help you assess the value of your generator, equipment, or facility.

Get Started


This pack of tools makes understanding power easy. Calculate fuel, kws, hp, volts, amps, kva, etc.

Easy Math

Brand-Specific Guides

Answer brand-specific questions like "how to find Cummins model number"

Answer Your Questions


Additional tools, articles, and resources to help you with all your power-related needs.

Learn From Experts

Want To Learn more About These Tools?