Iron Flag Provides The Following Supporting Services:

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Generator Services

  • Generator repair
  • Generator maintenance
  • Generator servicing
  • Generator installation
  • Generator emissions upgrade
  • Generator rental .

Equipment Reclamation

  • Refrigerant Reclamation
  • Equipment Reclamation: Raised flooring, Generators, Switchgear, Batteries, UPS equipment, CRAC Units, PDUs, Wire, Transformers
  • Fire Suppression

Facility Services

  • Data Center Servicing
  • Building A Data Center
  • General Contracting
  • Data Center Decommissioning
  • Facility Decommissioning

Equipment Services

  • UPS Servicing
  • Generator Rental
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The Iron Flag Tool Belt


These tools will help you assess the value of your generator, equipment, or facility.

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This pack of tools makes understanding power easy. Calculate fuel, kws, hp, volts, amps, kva, etc.

Easy Math

Brand-Specific Guides

Answer brand-specific questions like "how to find Cummins model number"

Answer Your Questions


Additional tools, articles, and resources to help you with all your power-related needs.

Learn From Experts

 Find out how much your assets are worth

We make it incredibly easy

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