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In the meantime, check out some of our other awesome tools, below.

Iron Flag Calculation Tools

Amperage Made Simple

helps match appropriate kW/kVA with Voltage, and Amperage.

Power Conversions

Calculate power requirements and convert units with incredible ease and clarity.

What Size Generator?

Considers your electric demands in order to figure out what size generator you will need to purchase.

Fuel Consumption

Quickly estimates how much fuel your genereator will burn over time.

Iron Flag Resources Tools

Case Studies

This isn't Iron Flag's first rodeo.  Learn about some of our past projects to gain some confidence that we'll do a stellar job for you too.

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Find The Perfect Generator

Let us know a little bit about what you're looking for and we'll match you with the perfect generator to suit your needs.

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Supporting Services

Whether you want to build a data center or need maintenance on your generator, this tool will match you with the supporting services.

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Our library of articles offers insights on generators, data centers, decommissioning facilities, and electrical infrastructure.

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Brand-Specific Generator Guidance

Lightning Specs

The ONLY comprehensive library of generator specs on the web.  Find model #, engine #, spec sheets, and more.

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Locating & Understanding Tags

This interactive guide will show you how to find and decipher different tags on your generator.

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Iron Flag Appraisal Tools

The 30-Second Generator Appraisal

The easiest form in the industry. Open the conversation about your generator in just a few clicks.

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The 40-Second Asset Appraisal

The other easiest form in the industry. Open the conversation about your assets in just a few clicks.

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Instant Estimator

Instantly discover the value of your generator.

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EZ Photo App

Bypass all the back-and-forths. Use this nifty little app to snap a few pictures and receive an official quote.

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The Iron Flag Tool Belt


These tools will help you assess the value of your generator, equipment, or facility.

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This pack of tools makes understanding power easy. Calculate fuel, kws, hp, volts, amps, kva, etc.

Easy Math

Brand-Specific Guides

Answer brand-specific questions like "how to find Cummins model number"

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Additional tools, articles, and resources to help you with all your power-related needs.

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