Iron Flag Calculation Tools

Amperage Made Simple

helps match appropriate kW/kVA with Voltage, and Amperage.

Power Conversions

Calculate power requirements and convert units with incredible ease and clarity.

What Size Generator?

Considers your electric demands in order to figure out what size generator you will need to purchase.

Fuel Consumption

Quickly estimates how much fuel your genereator will burn over time.

Iron Flag Power Systems

Iron Flag has created a pack of Calculation tools which make math simple by converting common metrics such as kw and hp.  It has tools to answer questions like "how big of a generator do I need?".

  • Power Conversion tool pack is the crown jewel of Iron Flag's tool set.  It allows the user to make any generator-related calculation they might need, with incredible ease and clarity.  Whether you're converting kW to HP, or sizing up the power requirements of your generator, this is the one stop shop for calculations.
  • Amperage Made Simple - this calculator helps match appropriate kW/kVA with Voltage, and Amperage.
  • What Size Generator? This calculator helps you understand what size generator you will need based off the various demands of your situation.  This factors in hp, phase, startup, and future growth.
  • The Fuel Consumption app will quickly help you estimate how much fuel your generator will burn over a certain period of time.

Looking for more tools?

Iron Flag has created a chest full of tools to make your life easier and ensure you have the information you need.  The collection of tools has been organized into an easy to reach Tool Belt with four categories Appraisals, Calculations, Brand-Specific Guides, & Articles.